The arrival of the gore-gushing and narrative-driven Castlevania was a remarkable and refreshing milestone for western adult animation, which often produces crudely drawn comedy. This isn’t a dig against the traditionally crude, low-budget or cartoonish look of adult animated comedies, like Rick and Morty or Futurama, as it is an admission that comedy and narrative fantasy shows should co-exist in the western adult animated industry.

However, the success of Castlevania is unfortunately haunted by the sexual misconduct accusations against creator and writer Warren Ellis, whose work and credits remain intact in its final season — though whether he would be…

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is a fantasy that bleeds hard. And this will startle animation fans who discern this European-based fantasy, created by Ashley Edward Miller, as one of the more direct spiritual descendants of the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise, both sharing a writer (Avatar creator Bryan Konietzko is credited as Television Writer) and the Seoul-based Studio Mir that colored The Legend of Korra. Except unlike other western cartoons with the influential DNA of Avatar, Dragon’s Blood is not rendered for kiddies and leans toward replicating the success of the highly regarded and also video game-adapted animeqsue Castlevania on Netflix.

“Mom, I got the text about vaccine eligibility.”

“What? But you signed the both of us on the waitlist with your email and cell phone number. So is the vaccine for me or you?”

“My text doesn’t say a name. It’s not very clear. I don’t know. Wait, let me check my email… So, I got the email. The message is addressed to YOUR name. So it’s you.”

“Forward the email to me!”

“I just forwarded it to you.”

“The appointment link does not work for me.”

“Maybe it’s because it doesn’t work on a forwarded email. Here, I’ll click…

Why did myths enchant the young fifth grader in me? Why was I so beholden to the ancient tales of ancient Greek gods that populated and ruled Mount Olympus above the mortals. It’s easy to become lost in the millenniums-old stories of gods who assumed mortal forms to walk the earth to pass judgment, the souls that are rowed across the River Styx, the jealous goddess-queen Hera inflicted suffering on the innocent mortals unfortunate to be loved (consensual encounters if you grew up with kid-friendlier text like me) by the king-god Zeus. …

Note: This pitch was accepted by a pop culture outlet back in February 2020 when Broadway was running and the filmed Broadway production of Hamilton was slated for a 2021 theatrical release. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the piece was canceled and the circumstances for Hamilton changed. The piece here is published unaltered.

Fans of musical theatre rejoiced when it was announced that the hip-hop Broadway musical, based on the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, will finally have a big-screen release in October 2021. It will feature most of the original Broadway cast members, including the composer…

Star Wars could use more mom characters that stay alive. For those who follow the expanded TV universe of Star Wars and glanced at the Star Wars television, you may have caught the name Sabine Wren (Tiyar Sicar), the colorful armor-wearing Mandalorian rebel of Star Wars Rebels.

Sabine is the daughter of an Ursa Wren, the leader of Clan Wren seated on the snowy Krownest, a colonized Mandalorian planet. The Countess debuted in the third season of Rebels. Once we meet her, Countess Ursa reacts callously to her daughter’s homecoming because her daughter’s past actions placed the family in the…

Raise your lightsaber if you know Ahsoka Tano, a famed Force-warrior of the Star Wars galaxy. For those who are only familiar with the Star Wars live-action films, the red-hued head-tailed humanoid Ahsoka is a star of the CGI The Clone Wars cartoon series, George Lucas’s animated spin-off of the Star Wars Prequel trilogy, and she has the honor of serving as the Jedi apprentice of Anakin Skywalker, the man who will become the iconic Darth Vader.

For Bernie Sanders supporters, where to redirect your energy now that he has suspended his presidential campaign for the 2020 Democratic primary?

While Bernie Sanders is not out of the ballot, his campaign suspension sent waves of frustration and provoked deep-seeded disgruntlement against the USA two-party system, especially for those who are none too pleased that political harm-reduction against Donald Trump will likely lie in voting for Joe Biden, a man with a well documented — sometimes filmed-in-public — issue with violating the boundaries of women.

Which is a good time for me to say, have you heard of our…

My doctor never told me that my brain is a pincushion

A million pins jammed into keyholes that don’t always fit

unsheath one and my soul could bleed out


And out from the Queen’s womb

emerge the squall

the cherub-sphere

lips puckered toward the nipple

where honeyed milk flowed

Gumless it swilled down the ambrosia and sweat from the…

Caroline Cao, The Maximinalist

Just your average ADHD film and theatre writer who loves pasta.

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