Memory Transcript: Getting My Mom the COVID-19 Vaccine

“Mom, I got the text about vaccine eligibility.”

“What? But you signed the both of us on the waitlist with your email and cell phone number. So is the vaccine for me or you?”

“My text doesn’t say a name. It’s not very clear. I don’t know. Wait, let me check my email… So, I got the email. The message is addressed to YOUR name. So it’s you.”

“Forward the email to me!”

“I just forwarded it to you.”

“The appointment link does not work for me.”

“Maybe it’s because it doesn’t work on a forwarded email. Here, I’ll click my link. It works. All the appointments are for tomorrow. You free at noon tomorrow? You have to free up your lunch hour.”

“Take the earliest.”

“11:19am. Oh, that got taken… 11:21am. Confirmed. Printing it out for you.”

“But the email said we need to wait for the confirmation email. Did the confirmation email get sent to your email? You need to forward it to me.”

2 Hours Later

“Mom, I’m worried. What if the appointment didn’t go through. I didn’t get the confirmation email… wait, but we did sign up for the appointment through YOUR email. So check YOUR email… Oh, yes, you have the confirmation email.”

“Caroline, can I read those instructions… NOT FDA approved? Why? Caroline, can’t I just give my appointment to you?”

“Mom, it’s FDA AUTHORIZED! And with good reason! Benefits outweigh the risks.”

“Caroline, I don’t know! Maybe I’ll just skip it. Why can’t I get the appointment to you instead?”


*iPhone rings around 1:50pm*

“I got it. The carline went back to the Kroger store.”

“You missed your lunch hour?”

“Yeah, I missed lunch and I’m late for work. But thank you for doing this. I wouldn’t have gotten the vaccine without your help.”

Just your average ADHD film and theatre writer who loves pasta.

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