THE MANDALORIAN “The Sin”: The Betrayal We’re Not Talking About

Last week, “Chapter 3: The Sin” sees our titular Mando question his own Mandalorian honor. Not to mention his own conscience compels him to go back and save the infant — the “Baby Yoda” the Internet calls it — that saved his life.

This is an episode about betrayal: the first being the Mandalorian’s decision to turn in Baby Yoda to dangerous Imperials, the second being bringing his Imperial blood money (or metal) to his Mandalorian tribe. His Mandalorian tribe-members berate him for working with the Empire, the institution that nearly genocided their Mandalorians and coopted their precious metals. These layers of guilt drive him back to rescuing Baby Yoda.

But the betrayal that helps stoke his decision is his disgruntlement with the bounty hunter Guild.

“How many of them have tracking fobs?” The way Pedro Pascal delivers this line indicates tranquil fury.

What really salts the Mandalorian’s wounds is Greef’s casual betrayal and the way Greef blithely lauds the Mandalorian to undercut his own breach of honor. Greef provided everyone tracking fobs and assigned numerous bounty hunters on the Imperial deal. Greef evenly distributed jobs back in Chapter 1, but then he breaches a sense of honor by providing this same high-risk assignment to numerous Guild members and pitting those members against the Mandalorian.

At least his Mandalorian tribe kept the best and the worst of his morale in check. They’re the ones who come rescue the Mandalorian at the end. And after what Greef pulled, that’s just one of the catalyst for him to radically began anew.

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